After the publication of “Warriors and Weavers: The Poetics and Politics of Indigenous Appropriations of New Media Technologies in Latin America” (Pitman, 2018), the author noted that the epigraphs intended for the article were missing from the beginning of the subsection titled ‘(Net)weaving Is for Oppositional Cyborgs’. The epigraphs are as follows:

‘Networking’ is both a feminist practice and a multinational corporate strategy – weaving is for oppositional cyborgs. (Haraway, ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’ 170)

Weaving is digital, in the sense that it relies on digits – on fingers – for its production. (Gabriel and Wagmister 334)

Weaving was already multimedia: singing, chanting, telling stories, dancing, and playing games as they work, spinsters, weavers, and needle-workers were literally networkers as well. (Plant 65)